Technology should be used to make life easier for people. It should not be complicated, should be as simple to use as possible and offer robust, secure and highly available products for our customers - that is the Mission of UrbanID!
There is indeed a lot of hype surrounding the latest buzzwords, some of which feature here - but there are also REAL technological benefits that we as Africans can tap into for the benefit of the ordinary person.

UrbanID is about creating a new world of Identity Management. 

UrbanID is a project offering a robust disruptive Personal Identity ecosystem, built by Africans for African Identity across borders with mutual recognition. Security and Data Privacy are our watchwords. We will NEVER compromise on the demands to maintain and sustain the highest standards for Person Identity and Assurance expected of us.

We use state-of-the-art hardware, hand-picked and custom-built by our Engineers & Computer Scientists, who have had decades of experience in Open Source, hardware and bespoke software development solutions.

From the Graphic Processing Units (GPUs), to the high-performance CPUs, to the highly secure Hardware Security Modules (HSMs), to our optimized custom Linux Kernel, we are very proud of our work to put Africa at the pinnacle of Innovation and creativity.

What is UrbanID?

Identity Management Solutions, built from the ground up, for Africans... 

by Africans.

We are about Africa.

We are about offering State-of-the-Art Solutions using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Learning (DL), Machine Learning (ML) and Blockchain (DLT) to create simple, effective and minimalist solutions for Africans.

Africa cannot afford to lose out on this 3rd wave of technological evolution. There are so many pain points across the Continent. We are here to help.

As an old African adage goes "it is the man who wears the shoe who knows where it hurts". this space!

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